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"Bob has done several jobs for us....Trimmed out our first home with lots of crown and added features. A huge two story deck with a beautiful octagon shaped base for a hot tub. Bob worked long hours and always gave us the quality and style of work we requested." Kathy Primm, Manager at Sue Smith Vacations, North Little Rock "Bob has done work for myself and multiple family members. Each project was done in a professional and efficient manner. Bob is not satisfied with just standard work on a project. He holds himself to a higher standard than the average craftsman. His attention to detail and craftsmanship set him apart. I would certainly recommend him for any job." Shan Scott, American Truck and Rail Audits, V.P Operations, North Little Rock "Bob lends a professional air to any construction project. His drive for quality work has made my designs come to life in a way that thrill my clients. Happy to have Bob on the job anytime I can get him." Rod Collins, Architect, Custom Home Builder/Remodeler for EcoHouse Construction, Little Rock "Bob is by far the best carpenter in this area. I have known him 15 years and always known him to be knowledgable, prompt, courteous, and reliable. I wish I knew more like him." Amy McNeil, Owner/President at Amy McNeil Interiors, North Little Rock "Bob Freck is a conscientious, detailed carpenter who is reliable and cost conscious. Bob exceeded my expectations on his trim carpentry abilities and provided insight into market trends and installations that I had not even thought of. All of this increased the value of our home when it came time to sell. I highly recommend Bob Freck and Pinpoint Design for your next project." James Primm, PE, LEED AP, HFDP, President, Architectural Engineering, North Little Rock

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